Boys’ Latin Middle School

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The primary goal of the Latin Department at Boys’ Latin of Philadelphia is to develop in our students the ability to read significant works of Roman authors in Latin while growing in our understanding of and appreciation for the English language. We believe in the intrinsic value of Latin literature and thus we focus upon those skills that enable students to delve into the literature of the Romans such as vocabulary building and grammar acquisition. Through the study of Latin grammar and syntax, students master the richness of English as a language and a literature as well as gain a historical overview of how language and its structures develop and work.

It is our belief that the study of Latin needs to be set in its context, and that the content of the assigned readings can best be appreciated through the development of an understanding of Roman society, history, and habits of thought. In addition, students also learn some of the arts of precision, self-criticism, and building conceptual models. In advanced courses, class discussions regarding translation and multi-faceted projects are incorporated into each trimester. It is our goal to have students, by the end of their senior year, be able to appreciate and read original works of Latin authors so that they might be able to take an advanced level college author class.