Boys’ Latin Middle School

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The primary goal of the science department at Boys' Latin is to produce scientifically literate students who are well-prepared to make sense of and make contributions to the world around them. To meet this goal, Boys’ Latin offers a variety of science classes directed toward students of all abilities and interests and designed to reflect state and national standards in science and engineering.

Six core beliefs inform our curriculum:

Observation and hands-on exploration of the natural world form the foundation of science; our classrooms should be grounded in observation, experimentation, and experiences – not the terms and abstractions that often constitute traditional science curricula.

Data is ubiquitous and is the language of science; students should learn to collect, organize, and analyze data to make sense of the world around them and advance logical arguments.

Creativity resides in all children; our classrooms must be spaces for each student to demonstrate learning in a variety of ways, develop a sense of self, and offer solutions to global challenges framed as problem-based learning activities.

Writing is a central component of teaching and learning science and of the scientific endeavor; students should learn to read, write, and publish like scientists and critical thinkers using traditional and emerging technologies.

Collaboration is a necessary skill in a globalized society and economy; students should solve problems with peers, use technology to facilitate communication, and engage in dialogue throughout all phases of the scientific inquiry process.

The world is connected; our courses should reflect the connectedness of the natural world and all science disciplines, engage with the organizing principles and practices scientists use to make sense of the natural world, and tap into community resources and the lived experiences of students and families.